ULDMax Nozzles

ULDMax Nozzles


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    • Pentair Hypro designed one of the most effective drift
      reducing nozzles, providing up to 95% drift reduction based
      on internal droplet sizing of % droplets <141μ compared to
      Pentair Hypro 03 Flat fan at 3.0 bar.
    • This nozzle can operate at a wide range of operating
      pressures while maintaining consistent droplet size for
      greater flexibility when applying Dicamba and 2, 4-D.
      The 130° spray angle allows for optimal pattern overlap and
      coverage at lower boom heights.
    • FastCap version utilizes the SnapLock cap technology,
      reducing installation torque requirement by 73%
      (Internal testing - standard FastCap versus SnapLock cap).
    • Compact robust footprint designed to not break easily when
      hitting crops or the ground.
    • Ultra Lo-Drift Max is the ideal nozzle for systemic postemergence
      herbicide applications where drift reduction is

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    ULDMax Nozzle Spray Pattern:

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