Hi-Flow Spray Nozzles

Hi-Flow Spray Nozzles


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    • Ideal for pre-emerge application of fertilizers
    • Excellent for high volume coverage or high speed applications
    • 140˚ pattern ensures unmatched uniformity across the spray boom and throughout the entire pressure range (20-80 psi)
    • Wide spray angle (140˚) allows for lower spray height to reduce drift or wide nozzle spacing to match existing equipment
    • Patented straight-through design reduces clogging and easily fits directly on standard nozzle bodies
    • FastCap design adds convenience and protects handlers from residues
    • Available in sizes 08 through 60 to achieve the volumes needed to apply crop fertilizer and maintain quality turfgrass

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    Hi-Flow Spray Nozzle Front View:

    Hi-Flow Spray Nozzle Front View

    Hi-Flow Spray Nozzle 90-Degree Profile View

    Hi-Flow Spray Nozzle 90-Degree Profile View


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    Hi-Flow Metric Performance Chart