GuardianAIR Twin Spray Nozzles

GuardianAIR Twin Spray Nozzles


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    • Ideal for high-coverage application of post-emerge plant health protectants
    • High-coverage forward and rear facing fans help penetrate complex canopies requiring more thorough coverage
    • Incorporates the fundamental characteristics of uniform coverage and reduced drift from the world-renowned GuardianAIR nozzle range
    • Engineered to provide better coverage with more drops per gallon compared to other air-induced sprays
    • Easy-to-install, locking ring and o-ring seal design makes installation a snap and sealing a sure thing
    • Dust is sealed out by the locking ring to reduce contamination of the nozzle when removing it from the sprayer
    • Integrated strainers are matched to the nozzle size to prevent over-straining or plugging
    • Available in sizes 02 - 08 (including 025) and color coded to indicate the flow for the entire spray assembly

    GuardianAir Twin Spray Nozzle Front View:

    GuardianAir Twin Spray Nozzle Front View

    GuardianAIR Twin Spray Nozzle 90-Degree Profile View:

    GuardianAir Twin Spray Nozzle 90-Degree Profile View


    GuardianAir Twin Spray Nozzle U.S. Performance Chart

     GuardianAir Twin Spray Nozzle Metric Performance Chart